Inside Exposed Sportz, Holly Sonders’ new ‘hot as hell’ topless sports league (2024)

Former sports reporter Holly Sonders says she’s the Roger Goodell of a new sports league, Exposed Sportz, which will include Instagram and OnlyFans models participating in “topless matches.”

The formerGolfChannel and Fox Sports host — who’s been dating Hall of Fame boxer Oscar De La Hoya since August 2021 — will launch the league in June with 10 women competing in seven to eight sports and activities, Sonders told Bro Bible.

Sonders, 36, the founder and CEO of Exposed Sportz, has yet to identify the women, who she said will wear little-to-no-clothing and bikinis while participating in chess, Twister, bowling, tennis, basketball, ping pong, jump rope, billiards and more activities.

“Imagine your favorite IG babes…. going head to head in competition. Sweaty. Oiled up,” Sonders wrote on Instagram in a March post that featured a video of her riding a stationary bike in a bra and thong.

“And these are girls who make most of their money on OnlyFans or an OnlyFans type of site, whereas some of these girls are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month making their content,” Sonders told the outlet.

“And they used to be investment bankers, and they were nurses and just found out they can make more money doing this.”

Sonders promised to deliver high-quality production with glamour and sports photographers.

“I actually have some of my photographers that used to shoot for Fox, my golf staff, they shoot for ESPN football, they’re coming in to shoot it like a real sports event,” she said during an interview with The Best Women’s Boxing Show, adding that there will be pre and post-game interviews with the women.

Last week, Sonders shared that the league’s first shoot at a private location in Las Vegas was “a huge success,” and “hot as hell.”

She also previewed one of the tennis uniforms — a thong skirt and crop top with an “Exposed Sports” logo on the back.

“I’m not going to reveal yet who the girls are, but I already have the roster set for the first two months, and everybody I’ve asked so far has been like, ‘hell, yes,'” Sonders told Bro Bible.

“All the girls I’ve asked have all accepted, and if they’re like, if I can’t make this date, I’m on the next one. So I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Sonders will oversee the league, while a female creative lead who is also a photographer will take on much of the visual aspect of the business.

“Yes, I’m the Roger Goodell of the Exposed Sportz League and just overseeing it, making sure the girls are having fun, that they’re safe, number one,” she told Bro Bible. “… It’s very different, a woman owning this league as opposed to a man starting it. You know, just how people would view that.

“I want us all to come together, make money, get some great content, and have a good time. So, yeah, I’m the commissioner, and my lead creative is also a woman, one of the greatest photographers, I think, in the world.”

Sonders has been around sports for most of her life, and began brainstorming the idea of a female-driven sports league years ago.

“Over the past three, four years, I made my dearest friends are, you know, Instagram models, social media models, and gotten to know them really well, and I was like, why don’t we all come together and do something really fun? — So I created a sports league,” she told Bro Bible.

As for what De La Hoya thinks of the sultry venture?

“Oscar has such an open mind, a business mind, so when I explained it to him, he was like, “Hell yeah,” because it’s built-in marketing,” Sonders told The Best Women’s Boxing Show.

Although the league is based mostly in Las Vegas, Sonders said they want to do on-location events in cold weather, such as skiing and snowboarding — as well as warm events in Miami, including beach volleyball and surfing.

While teasing the league in January, Sonders wrote on Instagram: “The Golden Girl Lingerie Sparring League will break all PPV records lol.”

Some fans are also curious about whether golf influencer Paige Spiranac — who has nearly four million Instagram followers — got the invite.

It’s unclear at this time what Exposed Sportz will charge for to view its content.

Inside Exposed Sportz, Holly Sonders’ new ‘hot as hell’ topless sports league (2024)


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