10 traditional homes in the Italian countryside - Italy Property Guides (2024)

Are you longing of owning your very own slice of land in the Italian hills? There’s a lot of property out there, but where to start?

Whether you’re after a remote life in the high Tuscan hills away from commercial life or would be happy with a home on the outskirts of a country village, you’re in for a treat. I’ve gathered 10 of the most beautiful, welcoming, traditional Italian homes in the countryside. Or at least, with country views. Starting at just €70,000 and working our way up to €650,000, I hope this article shares with you the ample variety of Italian homes on Your Overseas Home’s books.

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Home in Sassetta, Livorno

1. €70,000 – Sassetta, Livorno

In the Province of Livorno you’ll find Sassetta. A small commune about 90km southwest of Florence. Sassetta is a largely green commune, surrounded by chesnut and oak tress in all directions. The village is nestled on a hill and this beautiful pink home lies at the top, hence the views.

Sassetta is famous for its red marble and its thermal waters which flow to the surface at almost 50 °C. Not bad for a morning swim!

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Home for sale in Minucciano, Tuscany

2. €80,000 – Minucciano, Tuscany

Our next home lies in Minucciano, Tuscany. It’s an area I’ve not heard of before, but after a little research, I’ve come to find it’s a charming Tuscan village.

Minucciano is a village hidden by the paths of the Gardagnana and Regional Park of the Apuan Alps. It’s basically as country as you can get. The area is renowned for its stone mining background, which began in the early 1900s. Minucciano is divided by a row of hills, which separate the Garfa*gnana area and the Lunigiana.

The area has a beautiful alpine setting with scenic trails, friendly locals and a peaceful nature.

This green two-bedroom home is on the outskirts of Albiano near the Carpineli pass. It’s an independent villa, split into two units. The ground-floor apartment is for sale and houses two double bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

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Property for sale in Piazze, Cetona

3. €132,250 – Piazze, Cetona

Could you see yourself living here? Those skies are so blue, I might just beat you to it. A girl can dream…

Here, we have a beautiful flat for sale in a recently renovated farmhouse. It’s on the first floor and has one bedroom, a living room, kitchen, bathroom, terrace and private garden. It’s really spacious despite having just one bedroom, so has lots of potential to be turned into a home full of character.

But where is it? Cetona is a medieval town in the southern part of Siena, Tuscany. It sits atop a hill (most medieval cities do) and looks out on the Monte Cetona. The area is extremely popular for outdoor lovers. And there are numerous trails for hiking, mountain biking, bike touring and much more.

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San Venanzo home for sale

4. €200,000 – San Venanzo, Umbria

It’d be wrong to not include an Umbria property in here, since Umbria is nicknamed “The Green Heart of Italy.” It’s a land-locked region with the most beautiful Italian countryside scenery.

This home is hidden in the Ospedaletto hamlet, just below Monte Peglia. It’s a traditional country home with alpine influence – it is 712 metres above sea level, after all. It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, plus a terrace on the first floor.

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Orvieto, Umbrian home for sale

5. €215,000 Orvieto, Umbria

If your dream of owning an Italian property with its own olive trees, look no further – this property has 100! This Orvieto home is made up of two farmhouses, which are currently split with two separate entrances. Each home is split across two floors and features three bedrooms.

This home lies in the village of Morrano, just 10km from the hilly town of Orvieto. Orvieto famous for Tenuta le Vellete, a family-run vineyard that dates back to 1877 and its gleaming 14thcentury cathedral.

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Four-bedroom home in Citta del Pieve

6. €290,000 Citta della Pieve, Umbria

This home is one of my personal favourites. If you think the outside looks good, just wait until you see the inside. It’s got traditional wooden beams supporting the ceiling and roof which really adds character to the Italian home. This house is currently split into three separate living units, which could suit those living with elderly family members, but could easily be used as a single home. Inside there are four bedrooms and outside there’s a fenced 1000s.q.m garden with fruit trees.

This home is in Citta della Piece, a countryside commune 11km southwest of Chiusi, Tuscany. The following home is also in the same area. Scroll down to read more about the area.

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Amber-hued home just a short walk away from Citta del Pieve

7. €290,000 Citta della Pieve, Umbria

Is this not what you imagined when you dreamed of your Italian country home? This beautiful edge-terraced house lies just outside Citta del Pieve, the popular countryside commune. It has three-bedrooms, four bathrooms, a large balcony and a spacious living area.

Citta della Pieve is a traditional Italian countryside town in the Province of Perugia, in Umbria. It sits atop a hill in Validichiana and is easy to spot from distance due to its amber-hued buildings. The town has kept intact since the late 13th century, and it has an enchanting heart. This town welcomes all, but would suit someone interested in history, art and craftsmanship as they’ll appreciate the town’s medieval heritage.

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Stone property for sale in Umbertide

8. €490,000 Podere la Posta, Umbertide, Umbria

Umbertide is a town and commune in Perugia province at the top of the Reggia River. Umbertide is a pretty city that 16,000 people call home. While it is a small town, Umbertide residents enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and boasts a timely atmosphere thanks to its 16th century chapel and Museum-Church of Santa Crocoe.

Remember, click the image above to see this property in more detail.

The above home lies on the outskirts of Umbertide, perfect for those looking for privacy, but a home that’s not isolated. The five-bedroom home was renovated in 2017 to meticulous standards, I urge you to take a look and enquire if it takes your fancy. I doubt this home will be on the market for long.

Properties for sale in Umbertide

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Home for sale in Tuscany

9. €550,000 Castiglione d’Orcia, Tuscany

If it’s a small Tuscan town you’re after, look no further. This home lies in the small commune of Castiglione d’Orcia in Tuscany. It’s about 40km south of Siena. Home to just over 2,000 people, this village overlooks the rich green valley known as Val d’Orcia. It’s actually internationally renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This Tuscan village was first mentioned in historical books in 714AD – wow! It’s an enticing place to say the least, with Piazza Vecchietta at its heart. This is a square dedicated to Lorenzo di Pietro, the famous Italian painter who called Castiglione home. This town would suit anyone who enjoys history, art and the beautiful scenery nearby.

This home is a stone townhouse in the centre of town. It has two bedrooms with private bathrooms, plus an additional two off shared areas. The house has a beautiful garden and the second bedroom overlooks the beautiful hills of Val d’Orcia. Click the image above to view its gorgeous interior.

Find your dream Italian home in Tuscany

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Home for sale Cortona

10. €650,000 Cortona, Arezzo, Tuscany

Our final property is on the market for €650,000 and lies in the charming hilltop town of Cortona in Arezzo province. Cortona is a country town that overlooks a lot of Italian farmlands. It has a long history that dates back to medieval times. Its great history is clear through the grand piazzas and ancient buildings still in place today. Habitants of Cortona enjoy an easy life in the beautiful countryside with clear air. Lovers of the Italian countryside will recognise the Chiana valley in the background..

This ancient farmhouse has been restored to fine quality and would make a lovely home to any family. It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a private pool and a spacious living area. There’s also an onsite annex that’s currently in use as a tech room and garage.

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10 traditional homes in the Italian countryside - Italy Property Guides (2024)


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